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    Seeley International unveils the biggest air conditioning breakthrough in history – the Climate Wizard CW3

Seeley International unveils the biggest air conditioning breakthrough in history – the Climate Wizard CW3

Seeley International has taken the wraps off its much anticipated Climate Wizard CW3 Dual System, and this global game-changer offers an exciting new heating and cooling option that delivers cutting-edge innovation to the homes of consumers wanting next generation energy-efficiency, automated year-round comfort, and superbly functional design.

The CW3 Dual System embraces the award-winning pedigree of Climate Wizard technology, which has been used around the world for large and diverse commercial applications, and delivers on the growing concerns that people have, to access fresh, clean air, and at the same time, to combat rising energy costs.

Seeley International Executive Chairman, Mr Frank Seeley AM FAICD, said the CW3 is so unique in the way it heats and cools a home, that it creates a brand new category of air conditioning for energy- conscious consumers.

“The existing refrigerated air conditioning technology is based on 100-year-old thinking, and in principle, little has changed over that time until now. Seeley International has transformed the old air conditioning paradigm, with the Climate Wizard Dual System air conditioner – the CW3 – which delivers the ultimate in comfort, and combines heating and cooling with unrivalled total energy efficiency,” Mr Seeley said.

“In developing the CW3 Dual System, Seeley International went to great lengths to understand consumer requirements for agile solutions that can adapt to future energy trends, and strike the optimal balance between functionality and design,” he said.

“People told us they want low running costs as a priority, combined heating and cooling that operates effectively in humid conditions, and fresh air delivered into the house through common ceiling ducts. Based on the success of the commercial Climate Wizard globally, the transformative powers of this technology have been enhanced by making the technology more [...]

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    Seeley International commits to $20m new manufacturing hub creating significant local jobs growth

Seeley International commits to $20m new manufacturing hub creating significant local jobs growth

Seeley International continues to ‘buck the trend’ of the Australian manufacturing sector by announcing expansion plans which will see its existing Albury manufacturing plant relocate to a larger $20m purpose-built facility to be constructed at nearby Wodonga.

Seeley International founder and Executive Chairman, Frank Seeley AM FAICD, said the exciting move, which is to be part-funded by a grant from the Victorian Premier’s Job and Investment Fund, would establish a state-of-the-art manufacturing hub which will produce a range of innovative products to be sold in Australian and international markets.

“As a long-standing employer within the Albury-Wodonga community, Seeley International is pleased that this investment accommodates our expansion needs and positions the Company for significant jobs growth and success in the years ahead – with 64% forecast growth in new local employment opportunities expected to be created in the next 5 years,” Mr Seeley said.

“Our local manufacturing facility continues to play a critical role in our overall operations, and as well as continuing to fully manufacture award-winning Braemar heating products, the Climate Wizard metal range and the entire AIRA product range, we have also recently welcomed a dozen new engineers and other team members to the plant,” he said.

“One of the biggest challenges we now face is that we have outgrown the existing factory, and with space at a premium it has fast-tracked the need for relocation plans. Establishing a new and larger facility at nearby Wodonga allows us to retain and grow local employee numbers and maintain a strong employer presence within the local community.”

In acknowledging the grant contribution of the Victorian government, Mr Seeley said it was critical that all levels of government assist manufacturers to develop new products, and support expansion of production facilities.

“Seeley [...]

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    Credit Union SA positioned for further growth after reaching $1 billion assets milestone

Credit Union SA positioned for further growth after reaching $1 billion assets milestone

Credit Union SA has strengthened its fast-growing reputation as a popular alternative to the big banks, and reinforced the organisation’s role in the South Australian community, by breaking through the $1 billion in assets.

Credit Union SA CEO, Mr Grant Strawbridge (pictured), said the major milestone shows the appeal of the customer-owned approach to banking and was the culmination of initiatives put in place to grow member numbers and position the local financial services provider as an attractive banking option for South Australians.

“Since it was first established nearly 60 years ago, Credit Union SA has grown to become a proud and trusted South Australian organisation that is owned by its nearly 50,000 members who we help to do more with their money through our range of banking products and services,” Mr Strawbridge said.

“As an employer of more than 150 South Australian’s, Credit Union SA continues to be a significant contributor to the local economy and we are proud of our standing within the South Australian business community – and to reach more than $1 billion in assets reflects our role and responsibility in the development of our state.

“In the past year alone we have responded to the challenge of housing affordability by giving more than $1million to South Australian First Home Buyers to help them find a place to call their own.  Our innovative School Community Rewards program provides ongoing fundraising support to a growing number of South Australian schools and their communities, contributing more than $100,000 to date with its shared-value approach to banking.

“As an organisation we seek to collaborate with the community to build a brighter future for all South Australians, and this is also demonstrated by our long standing support of the [...]

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Chief Executive Officer PCU, Police Commisioner Grant Stevens , Sharon Hanlon Chair of Crime Stoppers and Alex Zimmerman Chairman of of PCU at the annoucment the Police Credit Union major sponsorship of Crime Stoppers at Channel 9 studios on Tuseday the 11th of July 2017.Picture Mark Brake PhotographyGallery

    Major partnership between Crime Stoppers SA and Police Credit Union supports better communities

Major partnership between Crime Stoppers SA and Police Credit Union supports better communities

A safer South Australia is expected to be achieved thanks to a major funding partnership announced between Crime Stoppers South Australia and Police Credit Union.

Crime Stoppers SA Chair, Ms Sharon Hanlon, said the 3-year agreement would provide much-needed funding to conduct a range of crime-fighting, awareness and prevention campaigns across the metropolitan and regional areas.

“As an independent charity, Crime Stoppers relies on support from governments, businesses and individuals to achieve our remarkable results. This funding allows us to offer rewards, conduct annual crime prevention campaigns, and help collect information that solves outstanding crimes – and we are extremely excited to join forces with Police Credit Union,” Ms Hanlon said.

“There are countless examples of where one call, one report, or one piece of information has made a huge difference. Our results are among the nation’s best, with one apprehension made for every seven actions taken, and an average of 25 crimes solved each and every week as a direct result of information provided to Crime Stoppers,” she said.

“Crime Stoppers only aligns with like-minded organisations that share our values underpinned by trust and integrity, and we are pleased to welcome Police Credit Union. We continue to appreciate our other long-term partnerships with SA Police and Channel 9 as our major media partner, and we remain very grateful for the enormous amount of support that the program has, and continues to, receive.”

Police Credit Union Chairman, Mr Alex Zimmermann, said this exciting major partnership announcement strengthens the organisation’s connection within the South Australian community, and reinforces its long-held heritage with SA Police.

“Supporting the South Australian community is nothing new to our organisation. Over the last 10 years, Police Credit Union has invested more than $3.22 million in [...]

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Minda adopts new approach to social enterprise employment

Minda has built on its reputation for creating wide-ranging employment options for people with disability, and reinforced its reputation as an innovative sector leader, by announcing its acquisition of an established commercial business rather than follow the long-established path of building a social enterprise venture from scratch.

Minda CEO, Ms Cathy Miller, said acquisition of Wine Storage & Logistics (WSL) and WSL REPACK provides opportunity to encourage social responsibility across the broader for-profit business sector and create additional employment opportunities for people with disability.

“It is tough to start a commercial enterprise from nothing, which is why it makes far more sense to seek out commercial ventures that offer established relationships and active operations that seamlessly integrate with our traditional areas of packaging, warehousing and logistics,” Ms Miller said.

“It is more important than ever before for disability sector leaders to think outside the square in the NDIS environment, and take active steps to have sustainable and competitive social enterprises in place, and this acquisition delivers on those needs,” she said.

Ms Miller said the acquisition was expected to create jobs for about 20 South Australians with disability in the first wave, with more to follow as the business grows over time, and provides additional employment opportunities in Adelaide’s western and northern suburbs.

“We have commercial operations at Brighton, Underdale and Lonsdale that offer a range of workplace options for people who want supported employment, or work  for those wanting to transition into open employment, but until now we have really only been able to assist people who live on that side of the city,” Ms Miller said.

“With expanded operations in Woodville and Regency Park thanks to this acquisition, we can now offer expanded employment and learning options right [...]

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    Key parking industry and transport planning discussion papers released by Australia and New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative

Key parking industry and transport planning discussion papers released by Australia and New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative

To coincide with its red-carpet presence at this year’s CeBIT Australia conference, the Australia and New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative (ADVI) has released two key thought-leadership papers on parking and transport planning opportunities from driverless vehicle technology.

Ms Rita Excell, Executive Director from the Australia and New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative (ADVI) said the transformational change predicted to come with the introduction of driverless vehicles would impact the lives every Australian, and transform city designs in the years ahead.

Ms Excell said the introduction of driverless vehicles is approaching rapidly and would ultimately underpin the creation of entirely new city structure and architecture, making it critical to recognise this disruptive technology as a central element in future transport planning

“Because most vehicles typically sit idle for 96% of the time it creates a lot of wasted parking spaces in the city, streets and homes. We can expect multi-storey carparks being transformed into community spaces, on-street parking becoming a walk or cycle lane, and home garages being used as green space or extra living area instead,” Ms Excell said.

“Instead of annual insurance, registration and running costs, people will be able to book a vehicle to pick them up and take them to a specific location – which means they will still have the convenience of an on-call car, without ongoing costs and parking challenges,” she said.

“We are already seeing an increasing number of people preferring mobility-as-a-service, which has seen the likes of Go Get and Car Next Door responding to commuter need for an alternative to owning your own vehicle. While the demand for mass public transit will continue, driverless vehicles offer significant cost advantages over public transport, especially for first and last mile services.”

“Vehicles that valet park [...]

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Seeley International unveils innovative products









Clever technology, smart design, energy efficiency and easy maintenance have emerged as the innovation hallmarks on display in new products unveiled by Seeley International as part of its annual winter campaign.

These exciting new products include:

New 7 star equivalent TQS720 21kW ducted gas heater – which is ideally suited for medium sized homes, and partners with the Braemar TQS730 26.6kW to create a 7 star equivalent heating range to suit more installations.
New side access 4 and 5 star ducted gas heaters, 20 kW, 27.8 kW and 28 kW models – which are designed for tight roof spaces, where access to the top of the heater is difficult. The clever design allows easy access to serviceable parts via the side of the unit.
Re-launch of the ReBuff downflow 3 and 5-star ducted gas heaters – developed as the perfect replacement for a Buffalo or other downflow heater, these 3 and 5 star downflow heaters come standard with a gas pipe for easy gas connection, and are also available with a simple flashing kit that makes it so easy to install on an existing plenum.
New VRF air conditioning range – which expands the Braemar premium refrigerated range to include mini VRF systems, heat pumps and heat recovery systems, to achieve perfect comfort in luxury homes and apartments, and commercial projects. In addition to offering flexible installation options for high ceilings and contemporary home and apartment designs, the partial load performance of the 5th generation VRF technology delivers outstanding energy-efficiency airflow performance.
New MagIQtouch Controller – now available in an all-white design to complement modern interiors, the updated touch screen controller has undergone significant improvements to the ICS electronics and zone [...]

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Credit Union SA increases support of education community with new credit card

Credit Union SA has increased its commitment to South Australia’s education community by introducing a new credit card designed specifically for teachers and employees of the education sector, and offering one of the lowest interest rates in the nation and no annual fee.

Credit Union SA CEO, Mr Grant Strawbridge, said the new Education Community Credit Card, recently launched at an event in the State Library, had been developed in consultation with educators to deliver on their specific financial needs.

“Credit Union SA has worked alongside and supported the education community for more than 50 years, so we are particularly pleased to build on that long-standing involvement by announcing the Credit Union SA Education Community Credit Card. This is our way of recognising and rewarding the efforts of teachers and education staff in nurturing generations of students,” Mr Strawbridge said.

“To ensure an easy transition from any other financial institution, a 0%pa interest rate applies for a 6-month period that not only covers the entire balance transfer, but also extends to any purchases made during that time, before reverting to one of the lowest interest rates currently available on the market,” he said.

“Our staff at Credit Union SA are very active in speaking with teachers and support staff in schools and staff rooms, and that feedback has directly influenced this exclusive card.

The new Education Community Credit Card includes the following benefits:

$0 annual fee;
Low 9.99% pa interest rate;
0% introductory rate for the first 6 months; and
No ATM withdrawal fees, including overseas ATM withdrawals;

For teacher Angas Wallace, the introduction of the new Education Community Credit Card couldn’t have come at a better time. After graduating mid-2016, the 27 year old had [...]

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e-Recycler launches free initiative to dispose of unwanted electronic items

The days of stockpiling outdated, broken or unwanted electrical items because they are too difficult to dispose are set to become a thing of the past for South Australian homes and businesses following the launch of an initiative which will see hundreds of free, highly-visible Unplug N’ Drop stations placed across the State.

Electronic Recycling Australia spokesperson, Mr Andrew Wallace, said more than 50 purpose-built Unplug N’ Drop collection points would be located at key community locations as part of the first stage, with those numbers expected to rise to more than 600 over the coming year.

“As Australia’s mountain of unwanted electrical goods continues to grow, it is disappointing that we only recycle less than 5% of the 19.7kg of e-goods that every person discards annually,” Mr Wallace said.

“When you compare that performance with Europe, which has about 14kg of discarded electronic items per person annually and a recycling rate of 80%, then it is clear that we lag well behind international efforts to reduce landfill and impact on the environment,” he said.

“Whether it is large appliances like fridges and washing machines, or smaller appliances like toasters, kettles, vacuum cleaners, computers, monitors, entertainment equipment like mp3 players and stereos, and electrical tools and gadgets like drills and hairdryers – we are happy to take them all.”

“With more than 25.5 million handsets, Australia now has more mobile phones than people, and the 4 million that don’t work add to the volume of toxic and hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium and brominated fire retardants that go to landfill and contaminate soil and waterways – even though up to 95% of the materials could be reused or recycled.”

Minda CEO, Ms Cathy Miller, said Electronics Recycling Australia [...]

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Minda announces appointment of Dr Susan Neuhaus as Board President

Pre-eminent South Australian surgeon and distinguished ex-Army officer, Dr Susan Neuhaus CSC, has been announced as the newly-elected President of the Minda Board.

In welcoming Dr Neuhaus to the key strategic role at the helm of SA’s largest non-government disability organisation Minda CEO, Cathy Miller, said the organisation would greatly benefit from her strong networks and experience across the defence, health, research, government and not-for-profit sectors.

“Minda is most pleased to have Dr Susan Neuhaus commit to the pivotal role as President as we enter an exciting chapter in our organisation’s evolution in response to the National Disability Insurance Scheme and embark on Stage 2 of our Master Plan development at Brighton,” Ms Miller said.

“Susan’s strategic input, wise counsel and extensive leadership experience at a Board level is invaluable, and her integrity, vision, passion and commitment to South Australia mirrors our own core values,” she said.

Dr Neuhaus welcomed her appointment, saying it was Minda’s long-standing contribution to enhancing the lives of people with disability, their families and the broader South Australian community that affirmed her decision to accept the President role.

‘Minda has clearly been pro-active in responding to the challenges coming its way because of the NDIS, as well as recognising the demand on the not-for-profit sector to be far more innovative in finding ways to secure its future funding and sustainability,” Dr Neuhaus said.

“At is core though, I have had the enormous privilege to have worked with vulnerable people in Australia and overseas, and I truly believe that people can do the most extraordinary things if you give them the opportunity and the resources to do so – and this is really what the Minda mission is all about – enabling people to reach their [...]

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